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Mar 18, 2014
The Wastelands...my very least favorite of the whole series. I liked the double mind thing with Jake and Roland and learning more about the Guardians of the Beam. I got so fatigued and uninterested in Lud and Blaine that I thought I might quit the series. Perhaps that book was a bonding experience with the ka-tet - an example of how readers have to persevere (note the sarcasm here)? It required more work than many readers are willing to put in.
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guido tkp

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Oct 1, 2009
outside the dome
too long...and possibly torturous, indeed !

...'course, for me...having lived through those excrutiating dyas...i felt a little less distress at kings constant reminding us constant readers that he would soon return...when he felt danged good an dready...

but that we ought to get very used to the fact that blaine would not appear in the next book...as it all took place in the past...

and all those poor suckers dying to find out what happened next, timeline-wise, would just have to cool their jets...for he, and his muse, had a different tale to tell

little did i know that he'd cave in...capitulate...falter...

and 'write' that abysmally weak preface & endpiece...

...still, the middle part is so sublime...so magnificent (very possibly his best 'writing' ever) that it kinda/sorta/maybe makes up for...that
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Jun 23, 2007
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
My wife just finished the book on tape version of this novel and she asked me how old Roland was. I was stumped. With time running at different speeds on different levels of the Tower and all the glam going on it's hard to tell. Does anyone have a ballpark figure (50, 1000, and Ageless Friend)? Thankee sai.
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