I guess we know what happens to Ellie Creed now

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César Hernández-Meraz

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May 19, 2015
Aguascalientes, Mexico
Even when the director and the movie are good, the people in charge of creating the trailer never have any sense of keeping a surprise. They think they have to show all the best parts so they can sell tickets, which is stupid, as people later watch the movie and realize they already saw all of it on the trailer. That is why I avoid trailers for movies I really want to watch.

As for the change in this one, perhaps the director felt he could not do a better job with Gage than what was already done before. It also looks to me as if this were changed from a very emotional and internalized piece to an action flick, with so many dead people rising. Perhaps they even want to start a new Pet Sematary franchise... :rolleyes:

I will be watching it, but I expect it to be bad. I could gladly be surprised if it is entertaining, but it will never be considered a faithful adaptation.


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Jul 10, 2006
I like the change. It avoids the Chucky problem of the book and original movie and allows the movie to tap into more of the book's mythology. Plus there already is the previous adaptation. This change ensures this version won't be a carbon copy of the 1989 version. Based on early reviews from SXSW it looks like the changes worked.