I met Danny Lloyd, the little boy in The Shining

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Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio
Anyone know why Danny was wearing a Flyers jacket at the beginning of movie? I don't recall from the book if the family had any prior association with the Philadelphia area. It always struck me as a bit odd and being a Kubrick movie there is the tendency to seek some type of meaning in just about everything.
....East Coast hockey team, so it's plausible the family would root for the Flyers.....


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May 21, 2013
Nice guy, very down to earth and willing to talk about his experiences. He said he was introduced to SK at some point during the process but he has no recollection of meeting him, he was introduced to so many people.

He said Shelley Duvall hung out with his parents and Jack Nicholson liked playing with him and letting him run around with the fake axe between takes. He said Stanley was very nice to him the entire time.

He said the only time he got scared was once he was running around the set alone and he stumbled into a room full of skeletons, presumably props to be used in a later scene that he wasn't in. He said he ran away!
Awesome! :D