I need help finding a title...

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Aug 11, 2017
Barlow looks a bit like a gargoyle. Could it have been Salems Lot? This is just one of Salems Lot book covers.

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It could very well have just been a copy of Salem's Lot (I've just recently brought a new edition of the book), so I'm going to end up reading it anyway.

It's not a huge problem, because I do plan on reading all of Stephen Kings books (eventually), so I will end up reading the 'book' in question, it would just be nice to know what it was, so I could say I've finally read it after all these years :wink2:

Terry A

Aug 18, 2017
Hi there, I'm relatively new to the Stephen King universe. I started off reading IT, then proceeded to The Gunslinger, and I'm now onto The Stand.

However.... I remember as a child having a Stephen King book on my book shelf, which I was never allowed to read; from what I remember, it was blue, relatively chunky, and had a gargoyle/statue on a rooftop on the cover. I cannot remember what it was titled, nor can I ask my mother. (It was not "Nightmares in the Sky: Gargoyles and Grotesques") So my question is - does anyone know of what it could possibly be called.
No idea but I will check my library. You might find it on library thing.