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Idea for Cold Opening and Opening Credits (IT Spoilers)

Discussion in 'IT (Part Two)' started by MarkFurru82, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. MarkFurru82

    MarkFurru82 Member

    I'm sure Andy's already got his own vision for this, but for fun, I was wondering what you guys would do for the cold opening and the opening credits for Chapter 2.

    Here's my idea...

    Obviously, Georgie's murder was the cold opening of the current film. I think Stan's suicide should be the cold opening in the second film. Also, while he and his wife were watching Family Feud in the book and Perfect Strangers in the mini-series, I think in the movie they should either be watching The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family. He gets the call from Mike, then tells his wife he's taking a bath. The word "IT" written on the wall in his blood should serve as Chapter 2's title card.

    Since I've always thought the book was a metaphor for the whole world's problems anyway, I think it'd be unsettling but effective to have the rest of the opening credits accompanied by a montage of various events from 1989 to 2016 - Tiannamen Square, AIDS epidemic, Desert Storm, Rodney King, L.A. riots, Waco, OJ Simpson, Oklahoma City, Unabomber, Heaven's Gate, Columbine, 9/11, Columbia explosion, Hurricane Katrina, Pulse Nightclub, et al. Kind of like the openings of World War Z and the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead. And, I think the song for this one, should be "Ted Just Admit It" from Jane's Addiction.

    What do you guys think?
  2. mal

    mal Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of a time passing montage ending in the present so the audience knows time has passed since the kids 'defeated' Pennywise. The montage should end on another kid going about his/her business and getting captured/killed by Pennywise. Now the audience knows for sure the clown ain't dead...cue title...on to the adult kids.
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  3. BillFan2003

    BillFan2003 Bill and Georgie Fan

    They are both cool ideas. I don't know if they are gonna use the Adrian Mellon murder in this new one or not. I also wonder what is gonna be the clue that Mike finds in the opening murder. Since the whole picture album thing from the miniseries didn't happen.

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ....I just hope Old Yeller lives in this one.....
  5. The Spider

    The Spider Member

    They are still having Adrian Mellon's death as Andy said he wants to keep it. However they have said they may open with the flashback to the Black Spot fire.
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  6. kingricefan

    kingricefan All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.

    Great idea, just leave the killer of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman out of it. He doesn't deserve the attention.
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  7. BillFan2003

    BillFan2003 Bill and Georgie Fan

    Thanks for telling me. I don't remember reading that anywhere. I wasn't trying to badmouth it in anyway. I was just unsure if it would have been used with people's attitudes about it being different for the most part.
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  8. Steve in WI

    Steve in WI Active Member

    I like the idea of opening with Stan's suicide. That scene, and the mounting dread and fear that his wife faces as she realizes something is terribly wrong, has always stuck with me from my first reading of the book and also in subsequent readings. Obviously I have a huge bias toward the source material, but I would argue that if the scene is done right and they cast a skilled enough actress as Stan's wife, it could be a very powerful scene even for people who only saw the first movie once (or even not at all) and therefore don't have as much of an emotional investment as people who love the novel/first movie.

    Personally, I don't really like the idea of a montage of real-world horrific events, though I do think you have a point about how It relates to evil in general in the world.

    I can see the argument for starting with Adrian Mellon's death, the fire at the Black Spot, or some other self-contained story line that doesn't necessarily relate directly to the events of the first movie at the very beginning.
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  9. BillFan2003

    BillFan2003 Bill and Georgie Fan

    I wonder if they are gonna incorporate that Turtle thing from the novel. I know Part 1 seemed to hint at it in a few scenes.
  10. MadmaxofDerry

    MadmaxofDerry Active Member

    *some cute love song
    What about cutscenes between Stan and Adrian. They have soft opening of a lovely time that is corrupted by It's presence. Adrian and his partner walking to the bridge/Stan and his wife watching the telly. [Enter romantic affections] They get jumped/phone rings. Adrian thrown over/Stan says he's going to take a bath. Pennywise approaches Adrian/Steps in tub. Penny asks if he wants a balloon/razor blade is removed from case, handle or sheath. Penny widens mouth/blade touches wrist. Penny bites down/razor breaks skin.
    Next we see Pennywise with a handful of balloons call to Adrian's assailants(2 or 3 I know at least 2) asks if they want one/Stan's wife checks on him. Right at this point i would like to see the scenes transition by the water. The creek runs on and then black fills half the screen as it moves to the faucet dripping. Each drop cuts back and forth, hammering sound as it lands. Going from Penny's face, to Chris, to Adrian to Stan. (Not moving closer to their face, right where we can see the top of the shoulders and above their heads. I think zooming in is tacky.) Joy is stretched on Penny's face, fear on Chris', pain on Adrian's and regret on Stan's. [No sound at all] We then see Stan's wife opens the door and rushes to Stan sopping herself in the bloodied water. His lifeless body is thrashed about as she goes in hysterics. They sidestep and the thousands balloons pop up. Not the see through ones in the 2017 movie, like actual looking balloons. Solid colors, bright colors. We finally hear his wife shrieks as it cuts to Penny's widening grin. (No FX, just Bill's face) and the title card is 'IT' written in blood on the tile.
    *End cute love song
  11. Tery

    Tery Dreaming in Middletown Moderator

    That. Is. Brilliant! I hope Andy reads it.
    kingricefan, Spideyman and GNTLGNT like this.
  12. MadmaxofDerry

    MadmaxofDerry Active Member

    Thanks! I think the song playing should be Everything at once by Lenka
  13. HedlessChickn

    HedlessChickn Booger Eater Extraordinaire

    If Part 2 is to be the end of the story, anything less than Stan's suicide being the opening will be a massive disservice.

    If it ends up being a trilogy, then all bets are off.
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