Ideas and questions ( spoiler's ALL)

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May 16, 2018
I will be talking about everything do not read if you are not done gunslinger.

Now then a few questions:

Is roland Steven kings twin?

He is able to feel the pain of the impending hit via van. So is roland his twin?

2: i remember eddie dies as the guy was swaying when shoot soo why was he swaying again ? I forget and this plays into my over all idea


Roland need to get to the tower with all the pieces of eld. The horn, both guns, and his son.

Mordride has a mark of eld on him.the guns and horn are explained as being pices also

He needs to bring all the pieces together with his full katet (not pare) and he needs to abandon the quest and return to keystone earth.

It is the quest to save the beam not the quest to enter the tower.

Once the beams are safe, the artist could erases the bad side of mordrid, kill CC, and then they can lay down the guns. And blow the horn.

I have a feeling if all this is done then the roses will respond to the sound of the horn and the song of the rose will send them to keystone earth. .
May 16, 2018
That's what I think, too. That horn is really important!
Indeed i think so too.

But things i am having trouble getting the katet to the tower.

See modride wanting to be with the white daddy that could work.

Eddie not dieing? Roland's shoot would have to hit. If he was not swaying ?

Jake 《 this is the one. I can think that maybe of eddie was still there he could maybe assist with tellaporting right to king as he remember the house and drive? Or the fact eddie can drive and so roland would not have had to seek help.
All this allows for them to get to king faster.

Other issues, it has been implied else wheres i seen that flagg is not really dead... would flagg entering the tower and not roland make an issue or maybe flagg would just be looped.

So i solve thoues i solve my personal tower
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