If They Remade Misery...

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Aug 30, 2017
First off, disclaimer: I don't necessarily think this one needs to be remade, it's already badass as it - despite Nelson Entertainment forcing Rob Reiner to cut the lawnmower scene. Kathy Bates was absolutely perfect, and certainly earned her Oscar, as Annie. And James Caan, that goes without saying!

Let's just say, hypothetically, if they were to remake Misery, who would you guys want to direct the film, and who would you cast, and would you make the scenes any different from the 1990 version?

Here's my two cents...

David Fincher for the director
Ryan Gosling as Paul
Melissa McCarthy (a possible transition to drama for her) as Annie
Jon Voight or Morgan Freeman as Buster

And a restoration of the lawnmower scene, and Annie using the ax and cutting off Paul's foot.
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