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I'm really Rosie...

Discussion in 'Newbies Start Here' started by Rosie Real, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Rosie Real

    Rosie Real Well-Known Member

    Dia duit!

    Commiserations on Ireland not making it through....you know us English, if we hadn't got through & you guys had, we'd all be getting behind you & suddenly rediscovering our Irish roots (existant or non-existant!) Tis a very tough group indeed. I hope they do well, but I think its defo the host Brazil to win, or else Argy. I however will be rooting for Italy.......as that's who I picked in the work sweep stake =D I've got 50p riding on them haha!

    So do you write, or are you just talking about general waffling? If so what do you write? And yes defo read Rose Madder again, I have recently just re-read after 5 years, and the first few pages still made me feel like I was going to throw up. Very powerful. Mr Mercedes is waiting for me at Xmas time, and hopefully Revival too....if I've been good!
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...it's cool, always did like that one...
    ...thought this was kind of a kick-arse image as well...
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  3. ghost19

    ghost19 "Have I run too far to get home?"

    Welcome to the SKMB.
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  4. HollyGolightly

    HollyGolightly Well-Known Member

    Welcome Rosie!
  5. mjs9153

    mjs9153 Guest

  6. RandallFlagg19

    RandallFlagg19 Well-Known Member

    ohhhhhh, I thought I was on a naughty list and that was why all my post are withheld and moderated.
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  7. Rosie Real

    Rosie Real Well-Known Member

    I like this! She looks like she's growling at someone (Norman?) through gritted teeth
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  8. booklover72

    booklover72 very strange person

    Thanks i am a man utd fan , apparently they do this thing called winning.i kid you not. There are more Irish people around the world then there are in Ireland. 53 million around the world, 4 million in Ireland. as for England, they will do welll. i expect semi's mini. As for the winner I think the final will be between Brazil and Germany and i am putting 2 euro on them to wim.

    What do i write, I am an unempoyed programmer. COBOl, C Java are my publishers. I am hoping to do a degree in Sept in games programming, this will seriously test my competence as a programmer. ah you are like me you re-read. I love BOB and know the TR-90 like i know my hand. i can understand the first few pages of Rose Madder. The man(i am unless at remembering character names) was extremly dangerous. Are you a member of the British Library, In dublin, you can order a book when it comes out, only thing is you is you wait 3-6 weeks. I am sure the British library do the same. Or go to a site called Play.com, you will get the hardback for between 16-20 euro, not sure what that is pounds. you joined the SKMB you've been VERY good.
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  9. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    Hi and welcome, Rosie.
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  10. mustangclaire

    mustangclaire There's petrol runnin' through my veins.

    Hi and welcome Rose! Us UK members are growing in number.... soon I will see more than "1 member, 7 robots online now" when I log on first thing :)
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  11. Out of Order

    Out of Order Need More Time

    What do you have against robots?
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  12. Sundrop

    Sundrop Sunny the Great & Wonderful

  13. Rosie Real

    Rosie Real Well-Known Member

    Wow at least you have found something you are good at & can develop your skills...I am bumbling through life trying to decide exactly what it is I am good at....still searching!

    To be honest - its nice to be able to give my husband some ideas on what to get me for Xmas/birthdays - he knows I love SK & always add the new ones to my collection, so everyones a winner!!
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  14. Rosie Real

    Rosie Real Well-Known Member

    Hello! Hope to cross paths again on here in the future :)
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...they're taking up metal and parts that could be used to build her another Pony car....everybody('cept you)knows that...
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  16. Out of Order

    Out of Order Need More Time

    Wasn't the robot on The Jetsons named Rosie?
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

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