its remake?

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Mr. Gray Robert

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Aug 28, 2015
Dallas, Texas
Gntlgnt is never serious :) ms mod is though. It's been in the pipeline for while now, and last I heard was going to be a proper film, so even shorter than the mini series which left out so much to start with. One other thing being RUMOURED is that they were toying with the idea of the first part being the 80s and the 2nd being modern times (20teens).
Why do they always try to modernize films for the "youth sales"? They need to make the film for the fans of the book and they will get twice the amount of viewers! Just my opinion.
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sam peebles

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Sep 17, 2008
One of my biggest worries is that they'll just CGI everything (I'm talking about you, prequel to The Thing). Of course, CGI should probably be used for some parts (the giant spider, the deadlights, etc.), but nothing where practical effects can be implemented. Please, I don't need a CGI mummy or werewolf or creature from the black lagoon. But with the current trends, they'll probably CGI Pennywise's nose and pom-pom buttons.
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