Jake's Journeys (SPOILERS)

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Doc Creed

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Nov 18, 2015
United States
I am reposting this in its own thread. I know it's just a fun hypothetical but I really want to hear some feedback. Whatcha think?

I dreamed Stephen King's next book was a Dark Tower book about Jake (alone) as a kind of Dr. Who in a King Universe. He appeared (Quantum Leap style) in different King novels and tried to help the good guys. Half his battle would be figuring out his mission while fighting the low men. For example, he might be in Colorado and try to help Paul escape from Annie's house. Easy, right? But Jake is just a kid and he doesn't have his Tet.
In some cases he arrives in a book before the arrival of a character (Ben to 'Salem's Lot, maybe) and sometimes in medias res. The fun of it would be how Jake impacts the story or even changes the outcomes we all know and love.
Two Questions:
1. Would you read this?
2. Who would you want Jake to help or which character's death would you like him to prevent? Please use spoilers

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