James Franco cast

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Jan 31, 2008
From the article at Deadline:

"The thriller, based on the best-selling 2011 novel written by King, is described as an event series, but the streaming service is open to additional seasons, possibly focused on other historic events."

Let's go back in time and... kill Hitler! Stop Lincoln from going to the theater! Prevent polio from developing! and on and one and on... :barf:

That's it. I'm done already. I see this taking a horrific turn a la the Under the Dome TV series.

I stopped watching Under The Dome a few episodes into season two. I had them on my DVR for a couple of months. When I find myself watching an old silent movie on TCM rather than something I have on my DVR, that means it is time to delete said program from the DVR.

I am still looking forward to 11/22/63 though. If the first season is a good production of the story we know, I really don't care if the following seasons are good or not, and tied to the first season in theme only. Cast someone else in the lead role who finds another portal elsewhere and go back in time to stop Pete Carroll from calling a pass instead of a run. Keep it separate from the initial story. I would hope it is good, but I won't be too upset if it is bad after the first season.
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Sep 12, 2015
A lot of people are complaining about James Franco being in it. However, I think he is a very fitting actor to play Mr. Epping.
I always picture Mr. Epping as kind of a young(ish) teacher who is more unconventional in his teaching ways; not just like the standard teacher. Plus, James Franco has shown that he is a good actor; 172 hours really showed his talent.
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Nov 8, 2010
Under your bed
James Franco not only does the lead, but plays several other characters, does his and everyone else's stunts, writes the scripts, builds the sets, does the grip and catering, and still moonlights on General Hospital. The guy lives on Redbull and Aderal.


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Sep 9, 2015
This show is the best thing I've seen him in in a long time--although I admit I did not see 127 Hours, for which he got an Oscar nomination.
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