Joyland VS Doctor Sleep

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carrie's younger brother

Well-Known Member
Mar 8, 2012
...honestly, it was one of the few that touched me lately....
The same here.

In retrospect, I feel like Doctor Sleep may have been a mistake. The Shining is such an entity unto itself. I was extremely comfortable allowing Danny to live his life without me knowing about it. Also, The True Knot was just not my cup of tea. Not really scary, in my opinion. Just a bunch of ragtag misfits; more a bunch of carnival "freaks" than a real threat.


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Sep 6, 2013
Heart of the South
Joyland, for me, had a kind of dreamy, nostalgic tone. When I was little I lived for a while down the beach from Ocean View Amusement Park in Norfolk, Virginia. Mr. King really nailed the whole amusement park/carnie vibe. Dr. Sleep wowed me in a different way. It is scary book but it also has strong themes of hope and compassion. The best thing, though, is the constant tension that flows throughout the story; it picked me up early on and swept me along until I couldn't put the book down-- I just HAD to know how it all turned out. I think both books succeed in what they set out to do.
Yes - I could NOT put it down. Loved it!
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