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Just bought another Special Edition

Discussion in 'The Shining' started by Waylander, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Waylander

    Waylander Well-Known Member

    Hi guys and gals. I have the paperback edition, and standard hardcover edition, and even the beautiful Cemetery Dance illustrated edition. But as I was browsing through the internet looking for a specific edition of Lord of the Rings I came across The Folio Society. I ordered their box set of LotR and then decided to have a proper browse.

    To my joy I came across a special illustrated edition of The Exorcist (ordered straight away), special illustrated editions of Terry Pratchett's Small Gods and Mort (both ordered straight away), and to top it all off, Stephen King's The Shining.

    They all arrived this morning so I thought I'd share some pics of The Shining. Enjoy.

    IMG_20171211_152849.jpg IMG_20171211_152733.jpg IMG_20171211_152655.jpg IMG_20171211_152608.jpg IMG_20171211_152501.jpg IMG_20171211_152406.jpg IMG_20171211_152335.jpg IMG_20171211_152251.jpg IMG_20171211_152212.jpg IMG_20171211_152027.jpg
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  2. mal

    mal Well-Known Member

    Nice! Thanks for taking the time to share, mal.
  3. Paddy C

    Paddy C All Hail The KING...

    That looks excellent!
  4. Doc Creed

    Doc Creed Well-Known Member

    Thank you for sharing. I saw these images online but didn't know to which edition they belonged. Out of all the artwork for The Shining I've seen, these are the best and most accurate. I like the wasps nest, especially. I'm glad they chose a wasp for the cover, too. This plot point doesn't get mentioned much but it's incredibly important because it's one of the first manifestations that lets Jack and Wendy know something is amiss (Danny already knows, obviously). There's also
    The Wasp Woman who Danny sees
    and the wasps are a metaphor for the hive of the hotel overrun with ghosts and the swarming thoughts in Jack's mind...like the Macbeth quote, "full of scorpions is my mind".

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...beautiful edition...
  6. kingricefan

    kingricefan All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.

    I bought this edition when it was announced. It really is a very nice edition.

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