Just discovered HAVEN (Spoilers)

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Jul 1, 2009
Just watched season 4 of Haven... once again uneven.. some episodes try too hard, others knock it right out of the park... I'm hooked for season 5, oh yes.... also watched this with friends... cracked us right up that one of the show's producers/writers is named Speed Weed...

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Jan 5, 2016
Mixed feelings about the series - loved the first few seasons. Each episode felt like it was further cementing the mythology, the character interaction/dialogue is really good, the leads are all watchable, the stories are entertaining. Plus of course just being in a world that is influenced by and reverential to Stephen King is always a winner. But then I lost interest in it across season 4. I don't even know why exactly, but the episodes just felt a bit too uneven and uninspired somehow. Plus, even though the story lines are interesting I found myself wishing they were a bit more horror and a bit less sci-fi.
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Feb 11, 2012
This is terrible television, but I can't stop watching. Just enough SK to keep me starting the next episode. So so so many plot holes & unfinished thoughts, but it's still fun.
TONS of references.

Here are the spoilers:

Little Tall Island
The Plymouth Fury on the desk.
"Abby" from Nebraska
The kid in the rain with the boat @ this sewer
Randal Flagg
his middle name is Thaddeus
Sea Dogs
The Rose and Gun pub
The mist episode
I'll keep adding as I find them.

Terrible? It's one of the best TV shows I have ever watched. And I guess you missed the gravestone in the cemetery that said "R. Anderson" (Bobbi from Tommyknockers).