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Baseball is a good thing.Always was,always will be
Apr 8, 2016
Our son done something very thoughtful today. He belongs to the library summer reading program and they do a prize party on the last day. Throughout the problem you earn entrys. At the party you pick the prizes you would like and put how many ever amount into the box for that one. Anyhow my son divided his entries into three prizes boxes. LOL The emoji bag with lots of candy, He won 5 times. LOL Then he win a bluetooth speaker. Anyhow a couple of girls asked him for an emoji bag,so he gave each one two bags and kept one for himself. So these girls probably have a sugar buzz.:)
king family fan a couple of things stood out to me when I read your post :

Firstly it sounds like you have done a fine job in raising a kind young man.

Well done...

Secondly ain't it amazing how when you have something it never fails that girls will ask you to share? :lol2:
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