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Jul 25, 2013
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What a beauty!!!!

I'd like to introduce you to the latest addition to our household;
She is a 6 year tortoiseshell, who literally walked into our lives back in August.
Kat, we called her that not knowing her name then, started occasionally visiting us for food and affection. If the doors were open she'd walk in like she owned the place, or climb through windows if the doors were closed.
These visits got more and more regular, then daily, until she decided to take up permanent residence and refused to leave. Hissing and spitting and attempting to face us down when we tried to shoo her away, so we took Kat in.
We asked around the neighbourhood, and put up Kat Found posters which were spotted by her original "owner".
Kat was collected by her old Mom, who had called her Pudz, and who lived a couple of streets away.
The plan was to keep Pudz in for a couple of days, to re-acclimatise her to her old home.
Pudz escaped after 15 hours, her old "owner" still doesn't know how.
We jokingly tell people that we reckon she tunnelled her way out through her litter tray!
Pudz was back at our door within 6 minutes of her breakout!
It turned out that her original "owner" had introduced a puppy into the house, and Pudz obviously thought "No way, I'm out of here!"
Her original "owner" again called to collect her, but Pudz wouldn't go near her, due the doggy smell I guess, and fled.
With Pudz best interest in mind, her old Mom sensibly decided to let Pudz make up her mind where she wanted to be, and that is with us!
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But only if our standard of service is up to scratch, or she gets a better offer of course!


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Nov 30, 2006
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