Link to Dolores Claiborne

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Nov 8, 2013
Mansfield, Massachusetts
I'm halfway through this intense ride and I was excited to see...
10-year-old Jessie's momentary psychic vision of Dolores Claiborne at the well during the same eclipse. Before this part happened I was thinking how some of the molestation elements in Gerald's Game reminded me of Dolores Claiborne. I believe Gerald's Game came out before Dolores Claiborne so I'm sure many people missed this Easter egg.
Apr 7, 2014
loved this connection! when Dolores had that vision, I felt proud of myself that I understood it :D lol. was pleased i had read Gerald's Game first (although it doesnt really matter which order)
love King's connections. there are so many!
I didn't have a clue what to expect when starting Gerald's Game.. i really enjoyed it though. the feeling of claustrophobia and near-madness was so intense. and at some points so gritty! like when she finally got the cuff off.. urrgh! reminded me of The Gingerbread Girl and A Very Tight Place from Just After Sunset.
I also thought the twisted darkness at the end about the necrophiliac killer was so good, it could've been another story! lol.
anyway, really enjoyed both this and Dolores Claiborne, they have budged a couple of others from my current top 10 King novels! :)
Oct 13, 2015
Rhode Island
Ooh, I'm glad I read through this thread before asking my question. I just finished Gerald's Game and, although I enjoyed it as much as one can enjoy a story like that, the loose thread of the vision of the woman at the well was bothering me. I kept waiting for a revelation, but now it seems there's another book I have to get to reading pronto!
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