Little Richard, Rock icon dies.

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The idiot is IN
Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio a DJ, there weren't many songs that would get me to finger-poppin' in the studio-like a Little Richard tune would.....for someone who's heyday was in a very, very short period of time.....what he brought to the table was a shot heard 'round the world....he WAS the King of a term that became coined due to his presence-Rock & Roll.....Mr. Penniman was the definition of legend......much has been said, and praise will continue to be heaped at his altar....for good reason.....the beat is just a little less frantic now, that the piano keys have fallen silent.....R.I.P. you bad, bad man.....


Sunny the Great & Wonderful
Jun 12, 2008
I loved Little Richard's music, but also his style and his personality. He's one of the people I would have loved to hang out with.
Rest in Peace, Richard. ♥