Louis: Point of View

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Sep 1, 2017
Well, I think he's dead. SK himself said on his twitter "Ellie Creed alive and well, raised by adoptive parents, but still has nightmares about the pet seminary." If he were alive, he would get Ellie back. I think the big question is: it-rachel still alive? If she really killed Louis, what happened to her later?
Dec 6, 2017
Hi, I'm new here. Nice to meet you. I've been reading the book again and listening to the audiobook - it really is a masterpiece. One that I'm admiring from new angles now I'm older (I first read it when I was 13; I'm now 36). I got to this thread via a different query that I had - which was why didn't Gage kill Louis while his dad was asleep. But this thread is another of many interesting questions the book leaves you with.

I just wanted to add that I think it may be significant that Louis drew the Queen of Spades in his game of Solitaire - knowing how highly omens and premonitions play a part in the story, I would say that Stephen King is telling us something about the fate of Louis or his decision through Louis drawing this particular card. Apparently in cartomancy the Queen of Spades is NOT a good card to draw at all - 'a treacherous woman who will try to harm you', 'excited by negative urges' and 'like to tell lies and observe their consequences' was one interpretation I read. What do others think of the idea that the playing card is telling us something? I'm def no expert on card interpretation, either in a playing context or a fortune-telling one - so it would good to hear any other takes on the Queen of Spades too.

All the best.

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