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Maine vacation

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Questions' started by Kati33, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Kati33

    Kati33 Well-Known Member

    Hey all- headed to Maine on vacation next week. Looking for suggestions of things to do and see- especially related to Stephen's books. I do plan to swing through Bangor on our way to Old Town (which is where my grandma grew up). I saw that there is the standpipe there and wondered what else would be good to go looking for. Thanks in advance!
  2. FlakeNoir

    FlakeNoir Beta Tester Moderator

    Ms. Mod will probably have some good ideas for you. :)

    [ Moderator ]
  3. HollyGolightly

    HollyGolightly Well-Known Member

    If you could find the KingKon 2013 thread from last summer, you can see what all the folks attending did. It sounds like they had a great time!Looks like a wonderful place to visit!
  4. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    Paul Bunyan statue
    Mt. Hope Cemetery
    The Barrens
    Stephen's house -- just be respectful and stay on the sidewalk; don't go onto his property. It's unlikely he would be at home as they spend the majority of their time during the summer at their home in southern Maine so there would be no point to go to his door to request an autograph--and you would not get one in any case as they ask that fans respect their privacy at their home.

    If you're willing to pay a fee there is a company that does private Stephen King tours which is operated by the former owners of Betts Book Store. I've never taken his tour but the reviews I've heard have been good.

    In Orono (located between Bangor and Old Town) there is Pat's Pizza which would have been a place Stephen would have gone to while attending the University of Maine in Orono.

    Depending on how long you'd be in the area and how far you're willing to drive, there are lots of other places to visit. Here's a link to the official tourism site for Maine that I'm sure would have some helpful information but if you have any specific questions, let me know.
  5. Out of Order

    Out of Order Need More Time

    This isn't SK related, but interesting nevertheless. If you find yourself traveling the coast of Maine on Rte 1 you will go through the town of Bucksport. Check this out if you have time.

    Colonel Buck's Cursed Tomb, Bucksport, Maine
  6. hossenpepper

    hossenpepper Don't worry. I have a permit!!!

    Stonington... Cool town. Bit of a drive, but totally worth it. The chowdah at Fisherman's Friend still lives in my dreams...
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  7. The Nameless

    The Nameless M-O-O-N - That spells Nameless

    You'd be crazy if you didn't check out the barons. Also, I would go to Lisbon falls to get a moxie from frank anicetti in the kennebec. I'd even take my 11/22/63 and get frank to sign it, that would be quite unique, a character's signature instead of an author's. I'd love them both but it would be harder to meet Stephen.
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...The Barrens is the berries.....

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