Max von Sydow

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Sep 25, 2011
RIP to Mr. Von Sydow. One of my favorite movies of all time, Strange Brew, starred him as "Brewmeister Smith", the head bad guy. No matter how many times I've seen that movie, it still cracks me up. A very Canadian film and absolutely hilarious. RIP to a great actor.



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Apr 12, 2014
RIP to an incredible gifted actor. From his many parts in Bergmans movies, where The Seventh Seal is absolutely suberb to many excellent international parts like the priest in The Exorcist or Ming The Merciless in Flash Gordon to recent appearances in GOT. His face could express everything and often several things at once.


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Sep 8, 2011
The Netherlands
One of my absolute favourites. I first noticed him in Flash Gordon as Ming, but in the early eighties he was in quite a few big commercial films: Escape to Victory, Conan the Barbarian, Never Say Never Again, Dune, Ghostbusters 2.
Like Christopher Lee, a lot of his parts are quite small, so he appears in a high number of films.

My favourite part is inspector Ulisse Moretti in Sleepless. A detective who's plagued by his failing memory about an old case.

I never realized in The Exorcist he's in make-up too, not just Linda Blair - he was only just over 40 there. It took three hours to transform him into an elderly priest.

He didn't do a whole lot of horror though, despite The Exorcist's success. He seems to gravitate more towards thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, war, history and drama of course. Also some comedy.
It's also hard to take him as purely evil. Even in Needful Things he's quite likeable - he seems to genuinely enjoy giving people their precious belongings back. Even if he plays people against each other, as individuals he helps them.
He's just too avuncular looking to play evil characters. You have to totally transform him for that, like in Flash Gordon.

Solomon Kane (2009) is another film I really love and highly recommend.
He also has a cameo in The Wolfman remake director's cut (2010).


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May 24, 2012
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
RIP Mr. von Sydow

Here he is as a much younger man


ghost19 - I thought he was very good in Strange Brew too


"Have I run too far to get home?"
Sep 25, 2011
I'm okay - since I haven't had to go out to work in a couple of years I am one of those people who isn't too worried about coronavirus (yet!) [thanks for asking] :cheerful:
I hear ya. No cases reported in my state...yet....GULP....with my lung issues though I figure I won't get to enjoy the final zombie