Merry Crimble

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Aug 8, 2010
Merseyside, UK
Was lucky enough to be presented with a hardback copy of this book for crimble. Happy to say I went through this in less than a day ;;D .... Hate my tendency to speed read but thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I dont think there was anything in this that i didnt enjoy....


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Jun 15, 2007
Cambridge, Ohio
...ok, so I looked it up meself.....
Crimble or Krimble is a slang term for Christmas coined by The Beatles as part of their 1963 Christmas record issued via the Beatles Fan Club It is believed to have been coined by John Lennon given his penchant for wordplay The term has come into general use among Liverpudlians though use has spread to the wider world
....I figured it was slang, but this old dog learned a new werd......:smiley_simmons:


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May 11, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio
My girlfriend got me a Nook GlowLight Plus for Christmas this year, and The Bazaar of Bad Dreams was the second book I bought on it (after Finders Keepers). I finished Finders Keepers very quickly, and I've read all but one or two stories here (skipped over some stories I've read previously, so technically I've read them all at some point). This might be one of my favorite SK short collections, but I'd need to go back and read them all again to fairly rank them.