Mile 81 Floats

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We all have it coming, kid
May 9, 2010
I know the obvious parallel here is to Christine, but did anyone else besides me flashback to The Raft while reading this one?

I flashed really hard on the kid getting sucked down between the boards of the raft when I was reading about Clayton getting chewed up by the wagon. And when Pete wakes up from his nap and sees all the vehicles, he first thinks there might have been some kind of road trouble, then realizes "Nothing down there looked like an accident." This is eerily similar to the kids on the raft trying to explain away their nightmare as an "oil slick."
"Oil slicks are accidental. That thing is on purpose!" one of them says.

And the state trooper makes the same observation about the mud on the wagon. It looked like "deliberate mud."

I suppose there will always be little, random connections like this, but this particular parallel struck me with fair force.

Of course,
nobody survived in that other story
. . . so there's that. :cool2:
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