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missed it

Discussion in 'Lisey's Story' started by chief4db, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. chief4db

    chief4db When it doubt, run!

    Towards the end when Liseys is facing off with Jim how was she able to summons longboy. I must have missed it. All of the sudden longboy (monster ) is in the woods and basically eats him. How was she able to make him appear at that very moment?
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ....semi-telepathic and picked up on her emotions/thoughts etc......
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  3. César Hernández-Meraz

    César Hernández-Meraz Wants to be Nick, ends up as Larry

    I think it was said before that once the Long Boy knew you, it would be looking out for you. As in if you went to Boo'ya Moon and had never met the Long Boy, then you were lucky; once you did, the connection would always be there. Or something like that.;-D
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  4. Mr.Ace

    Mr.Ace Well-Known Member

    As I understand she didn't try to summon it. She just wanted to take Jim there and hit him with her silver shovel. That was her plan.
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  5. Lisey didn't summon Longboy. She knew he was there lurking in the dark, waiting for a victim to swallow. Without Jim, Longboy would have killed Lisey (at least I think that would have happened). Lisey used her knowledge of Boo'ya Moon to set a trap for Jim.

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