Movie Release Date is 19 19

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Jul 11, 2006
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EW is reporting that the movie won't be released until the summer now because the tight schedule and limited budget made it impossible to get ready for February.
Or maybe they realized that they had a great film in the can and wanted more time to tweak the FX and make it on the scale of the Lord Of The Rings films? ;-D


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Jun 4, 2007
Normally I disapprove of changing the release date of a film; sometimes that can lead to financial trouble, in my opinion (i.e., just set a date and go for it and don't overthink it; too much reliance on a date to create value may cause other variables that are within a studio's control to be given less focus).

However, I see this one. Tower seems like it could be a franchise. If the movie is indeed coming out well, then launching it in the summer could be the right move.

Then again, didn't Sony try to launch Ghostbusters around that time? Sony is having its issues. I'd be more comfortable with Time Warner or Disney in this particular driver seat. Still, I'm overall positive on this one.


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Sep 8, 2011
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From a commercial standpoint it made more sense to me when it was released in February. In the summer all the big blockbusters come out. More people will likely go see a new superhero (or other big action) movie than this, which apart from King-fans the general public has not heard of, and which may seem a strange concept when you haven't read it.

I find it hard to say how big the fanbase of The Dark Tower is. I think it's pretty popular with readers, but still unknown to a lot of people who don't read - will the idea of a fantasy-western appeal to the general filmgoer, who doesn't read King?