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guido tkp

Well-Known Member
Oct 1, 2009
outside the dome
hey !! that guy ?? isn't thoroughgood ??

okay...admittedly, it's been years and years since i saw this one...but...

i love the pure b-movieness of every moment of this flick...coming along, as it did, in an era when we had some gutsy, ballsy phantasm..evil dead...knightriders...scanners...this may've been one of the cheesiest...but it was pure all-baked mac 'n cheesiest of the highest, cormanesque variety...

i'm gonna have to track it down...grab me a cheep pizza and some boones farm...


There's petrol runnin' through my veins.
Jun 15, 2010
East Sussex, UK
Watched this at the weekend. Of course I loved the sound track, love AC/DC!!! It was good, I enjoyed it. Kind of wished the ending wasn't like it was.... kind of felt a bit "run out of time, run out of money" but overall really liked it, first time I'd seen it.
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