Mr. Harrington's Phone - Curious About Your Thoughts (Spoilers!!! Don't read this if you haven't read the story!)

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Aug 22, 2016
So I finished up Mr. Harrington's Phone yesterday. Vintage, classic King. He takes something as innocuous as a cell phone, combines it with some teenage life experiences and makes a great story. I'm always just in awe of his writing talent. He hasn't lost his edge at all!

But, there is one thing I'm curious about and wanted to see what other's think, because it wasn't really made clear.

Craig gets three text messages from Pirateking1. These cryptic as they can be; AAAccc, or CCCaaa, or CCCst. Something like that.

For the last one, Craig belives it's Mr. Harrington saying "Stop". But has anyone devined what the original two meant? The "C" seems to be related to "Craig", but why three of them? Why the mix of capital and lower case letters?

Likely enough it's not supposed to even be answered. But I was just curious what other's thought!