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My First Stephen King Book Was...

Discussion in 'The Stand' started by HollyGolightly, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. unclelouie

    unclelouie Well-Known Member

    Mine was Rage, when I was about 12 years old. I think that was in the days before parent's micro-managed everything their kids read/watched etc. Not saying parental guidance is a bad thing, just saying, I don't think my mom knew what the hell I was reading! Can certainly understand why SK took the book out of publication though. :(
  2. Tooly

    Tooly Well-Known Member

    My first King also. I've read both the original and the later supersized versions a couple of times each!
    king family fan likes this.
  3. roseannebarr

    roseannebarr Well-Known Member

    My first book was either the Shining or Salem's Lot. But I remember them both like it was yesterday!!! My brother took our two story ladder and scratched at my window just like in Salems Lot. We still talk about how scared how I was by that book today!!!! Even SK mentions that we were a lot longer back then and easier to scare! Just plain awesome! followed by Cujo, Firestarter, the STand.............

    and then to be honored with best top ten novels with 11/22/63!!!

  4. Jimpy

    Jimpy Well-Known Member

    The Shining, although The Mist, in Dark Forces, got me started.
    king family fan likes this.
  5. Mynxie

    Mynxie Well-Known Member

    My first Ste King Book was The Stand. I saw the mini series on TV and was hooked from that moment onwards. I then begged and pleaded with the goth chick in the library to let me have a few books from the Horror section before my time (I was too young to get anything from the horror section on my card).

    Luckily she said yes and I fell in love with the book - head over heels. My gran bought me a paperback copy which is now faded and falling to pieces so I replaced it with a hardback copy I found for 50p at a carboot sale.................. its just genius .....
    I want a first edition copy however the one I ordered off amazon turned up with no cover .... booooo lol
    king family fan likes this.
  6. xkittyx

    xkittyx Unfound

    Cujo was my first, followed immediately by Eyes of the Dragon and I've been addicted ever since :m_adore:
    king family fan likes this.
  7. carrie's younger brother

    carrie's younger brother Well-Known Member

    Carrie, upon its initial paperback release. And it's been a looooong, strange & fascinating roller-coaster ride ever since!
    Neesy and king family fan like this.
  8. Riot87

    Riot87 Love him forever

    I still have my first copy of The Stand as well lol we have been through alot together. My first story i read by him though was Fire Starter because the name just caught my attnetion and once i read what it was about i just had to cop that one lol.
  9. Blonde Bombshell

    Blonde Bombshell Well-Known Member

    Carrie I was in Junior High. Read it on a weekend, couldn't put it down. A friend lent it to me, when I took it back on Monday they were like you read all of it?!
    Neesy likes this.
  10. Rodrigo Da Silva

    Rodrigo Da Silva New Member

    I think it was Duma Key

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