My only complaint.

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Feb 11, 2012
The memory loss in the book seemed odd to me for the longest time but I have a better understanding of it now. By the time you are 50 or so, if you wrote down every specific memory you can recall from childhood it would be a surprisingly short list. Try remembering the names of kids you knew in elementary school etc.

I'm 50 and I can still remember all my elementary school teachers and kids I went to school with pretty vividly. I think remembering stuff varies from person to person.

As far as It though, after the ending I always wondered how Ben and Bev remember their childhood since they left Derry and apparently stayed together. Do they just remember they were childhood friends in school together who found each other again later in life or could they remember a little more about the losers since they stayed together.
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May 21, 2013
When Eddie, Beverly, Bill, Richie, Stan and Ben all leave (I assume they all move to different States), they just grow up and forget, not just each other, but about everything. Because Mike stayed in Derry, it was like he kept the memories alive, in that, I'm sure he mentioned being the lighthouse keeper. As for them all forgetting again, I can't explain that. The weirdest thing I ever had was a scenario in which new murders had started up again, 27 years later, aged about 70 or thereabouts.
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Aug 30, 2018
why did the losers forget again after the second encounter with IT? i fell like since they defeated It twice and the last time for good?? that they should not have forgotten the experience. even if they forget It, why would they start to forget each other? this part really released all the sads in me. i just wanted my loser friends to stay connected.

also seems like i need to read other SK novels that have Derry and some of the
Losers in it which ones do y'all recommend? i had no idea SK novels were kinda loosely related until this MB.
Well thats the *scary* magic of Derry(in the book, of course, not in real life, hopefully)it can make them forget things which makes the book ten times scarier and makes the story have more depth if you know what I mean...