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My Thoughts (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'The Dead Zone' started by Grant87, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Grant87

    Grant87 Well-Known Member

    I finished up The Dead Zone this past weekend and really enjoyed it. I knew the basic premise of the story going in, but had never read the novel or seen any of the adaptations before. It's safe to say this is a King novel that really exceeded my expectations.

    I was surprised at the emotional depth of this novel. The themes of love and loss are prevalent throughout, especially during the first act. Most of the characters experienced loss, and it was interesting to see how each of them handled it. The story of Johnny and Sarah is absolutely heartbreaking. Johnny's story is something to behold, but the timeless bond between him and Sarah was written so beautifully.

    For a relatively short novel, King was able to expertly weave together many different story lines, over a considerable length of time. It almost had a TV show feel to it, with the story playing out over the course of many episodes. I really liked the Castle Rock murder story, and would have loved to read more about it.

    The Dead Zone was much different than King's other novels of the 70's. Very little horror to speak of, but the way King writes about love and loss really packed an emotional punch. I'm convinced the guy could write in any genre and do it well.

    Rating: 8/10

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  2. Shoesalesman

    Shoesalesman Well-Known Member

    Good review. I finished TDZ a few days ago, but I must admit that it took me 30+ years to get to the last page. Let me explain...

    I'd mentioned previously that TDZ was the first SK book (and first adult book for that matter) I took an interest in when I was 12 years old. This would have been around 1983. My only reading experience up to that point was Marvel and Archie comics. My enthusiasm in advancing to *bigger books* was met with a complete lack of commitment that novels and multi-layered stories require, and I found myself two-thirds of the way through and totally lost. Because it was due back at the school library, I returned it and never got around to recommitting to it again.

    Until a few weeks ago.

    Going back to read all SK books I'd passed on over the years or had only seen the film version, I pulled TDZ from my bookshelf and read it cover to cover. There were a few familiarities from when I opened it up as a kid, but I likely skimmed over massive sections just to locate a BIF! BAM! BOOF! part that never came.

    The Dead Zone, this multi-decade experience, is behind me now. Bittersweet. But overall, a good feeling... and worth the wait.
  3. doowopgirl

    doowopgirl very avid fan

    See, when the time is right you will appreciate things differently.
  4. Grant87

    Grant87 Well-Known Member

    The Dead Zone is definitely not a novel for young readers. I likely would not have appreciated it at that age either. Your experience is similar to my experiences with Cujo and Pet Sematary, my first two SK novels. I read them at a young age, and don't remember much of anything from either. I can't wait to read them both again now that I'm an adult.
  5. Shoesalesman

    Shoesalesman Well-Known Member

    I remembered the bandstand and clothes pin reference, but nothing else was familiar. It was a month or so later that I found Cujo at the public library (my second attempt AND subsequent success in reading an adult book in its entirety), but I have no problem recalling every little detail from that book to this day. Not sure of the reason for the discrepancy, but Cujo captivated me unlike anything I'd seen in a comic book. More action? Suspense? Likely TDZ took the face-off & dug the puck out of the corner while Cujo wound up scoring on the breakaway.
  6. rudiroo

    rudiroo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for reminding me how much I've always liked this novel - for me, there's plenty of horror in The Dead Zone.
    But it happens off-stage and between the spaces where one sentence ends and another begins.
    That's why it's so powerful.

    And as if that wasn't enough - a love story that runs side by side, for decades?
    That's when a novel quietly slips from good to great.

    Hope you enjoyed Firestarter.:encouragement:
  7. Grant87

    Grant87 Well-Known Member

    That's what's so great about The Dead Zone. It has something to offer everyone.

    And, thank you, I did enjoy Firestarter. It couldn't quite match up to The Dead Zone, but it was entertaining none the less.
  8. AnnaMarie

    AnnaMarie Well-Known Member

    I'm currently rereading The Dead Zone. It's been so long since I first read it, I don't remember a lot. Bits and pieces are familiar. I started it some time before Christmas, but I only read a few pages each night. I fall asleep much faster than I used to, so get less reading done.
  9. Grant87

    Grant87 Well-Known Member

    It's a good novel to take your time on and savor each moment. There's not a page wasted. Let us know what you think when you're done!
  10. AnnaMarie

    AnnaMarie Well-Known Member

    I'm loving it, and knew I would as I had read it years ago.

    I got Bazaar of Bad Dreams for Christmas, and at first I was going to put TDZ aside and start it...but then I thought....why? I'm just going to continue to the end.
  11. Doc Creed

    Doc Creed Well-Known Member

    I just recommended this to a friend and she started it tonight, incidentally. I never get bored when rereading it. Johnny Smith is a strong, sympathetic character.
  12. Grant87

    Grant87 Well-Known Member

    You're in for a treat with The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. Great collection.
  13. Grant87

    Grant87 Well-Known Member

    I agree. Johnny was a great character. I just finished 11/22/63 and noticed some similarities between Jake and Johnny.
  14. Grandpa

    Grandpa Well-Known Member

    Loved The Dead Zone. In fact, it's my favorite Stephen King book. The trees rustled secretly.
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