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My Worst Fears Were Just Confirmed

Discussion in 'Chattery Teeth (Other)' started by pegasus216, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. pegasus216

    pegasus216 Well-Known Member

    My ob-gyn called. I have cancer of the uterus. I feel numb right now.
  2. cat in a bag

    cat in a bag Well-Known Member

    ((((Pegasus)))) many prayers and positive vibes! Stay positive. Do you have an appt to discuss treatment plans?

    One of my kids' teachers is going through treatment for this right now. She seems to be doing very well with it. Just stay in the positives and know we will be here with you every step of the way, holding your hand and keeping you supplied with plenty hugs.
  3. Autumnlyn

    Autumnlyn BOOYA!

    i have no words. Horrible news...my heart goes out to you.
  4. FlakeNoir

    FlakeNoir Original Kiwi© SKMB® Moderator

    Oh (((pegasus,))) I'm so sorry... feel what you need to feel and then put all of your energies into your treatment plan and keeping yourself healthy--mind, body and spirit.

    We will be here to hold your hand. xox
  5. pegasus216

    pegasus216 Well-Known Member

    I have an appointment in the morning to discuss where I go from here. I just can't stop crying right now.
  6. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    Another candle will be lit. Stay in the positive. Your body will feel the vibes. Please ck into all your options.
    The Ka-Tet is strong and we are here for you. Lean on us. Know you are loved. ((((Pegasus))))
  7. FlakeNoir

    FlakeNoir Original Kiwi© SKMB® Moderator

    Is your daughter with you at present? Do you have anyone able to spend the day with you today?
  8. ~Ally~

    ~Ally~ Well-Known Member

    Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. Flakes has some good advice, couldn't have said it any better myself. I'm now working with cancer patients, which doesn't make me an expert, but if you want to talk any time just send me a message. Take care sweetie.
  9. (((Pegasus))) That's very scary news :( *more hugs* I've read that uterine cancer is highly treatable though so try not to get too depressed. (yeah, look on the bright side is easy for me to say but You can beat it!)
  10. FlakeNoir

    FlakeNoir Original Kiwi© SKMB® Moderator

    I need to head off to bed in a minute, but if nobody is at home today Pegasus, I'm sure your family here will gather around and give you what you need. I'll be back to check in on you in a few hours.

    You are not going to be alone.... xox
  11. Sundrop

    Sundrop Sunny the Great & Wonderful

    ((((Pegasus)))) Much love and light being sent your way.....
    Please keep positive thoughts for yourself.....I agree with Bounce.....you can beat it
  12. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    (((Pegasus))) Ditto to what everyone before me has said. Thoughts, prayers, and healing vibes being sent your way. :love:
  13. pegasus216

    pegasus216 Well-Known Member

    My daughter will be home after 12 today. She watches her nephew half a day Monday through Friday.
    She was the first person I called, and she told me to stay positive, and wait to see what my doctor suggests.
    I am just so scared right now.
    Thank you all for being there for me, it really means a lot to me.
  14. do1you9love?

    do1you9love? Happy to be here!

    (((Pegasus))) Lifting you up in prayer!
  15. fushingfeef

    fushingfeef Uber-in-waiting

    Oh Pegasus I am so sorry this is happening to you, you are not alone though. Get the help you need and we'll be here for you as best we can.
  16. Lepplady

    Lepplady Chillin' since 2006

    Please, I beg you, check out the Phoenix Tears thread. There's an alternative treatment that you should consider.
    I've told many people to try the oil first, then if it doesn't work, they can go with chemo. Not one has ever said "The oil didn't work. I need chemo." They're all healthy. Please consider the option.
  17. Becks19

    Becks19 Well-Known Member

    (((Pegasus))) I will be holding you in my thoughts and prayers. One very important thing when having cancer is a good diet. ( sugar feeds it for sure) One of the books that I have heard good things about is Kris Karr crazy sexy cancer diet. Hang in there, and know that we are here always.
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  18. mstay

    mstay Older than most, not as old as some.

    ((((((((Pegasus)))))))) My thoughts are with you and many healing prayers sent your way.
    Ebdim9th, Patricia A, GNTLGNT and 8 others like this.
  19. gniknehpets

    gniknehpets Backwards Sister Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that. Everyone has had such good advice and kind words. I don't have much to add but my way of dealing with bad things is be numb for a few days then fight the dang thing like a tiger defending her cubs. But it is your illness and however you need to handle it is the right way.
  20. Out of Order

    Out of Order Need More Time

    Don't know what to say except...........


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