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New Fiction

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Christopher Martin, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Christopher Martin

    Christopher Martin New Member

    I am fairly new to this post, so you may have to pardon my shortage of knowledge concerning the author. Is Mr. King planning on writing more fictional novels? I have read many of his novels and short stories and have enjoyed mostly all of them. I have come across true-to -life occurance that would make an excellent novel. Unfortunatley, I am not a writer but a reader. As a story it would really fit the bill of Mr. King's style. I was uncertain whether he was going to continue to write fiction or not.
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  2. Hall Monitor

    Hall Monitor All bars serve the Beam.

    Hi Christopher,

    Like you, I am a new member to the board, but I have been reading the website for quite a while and have been a SK fan for a long time. The best resource I know for keeping tabs on the future is the "Future Works" link on this site . . . .StephenKing.com - Future Works

    That said, this is the first time that I can remember that there isn't information on the next book/story that is in the works. Normally, there are two or three things listed. Remember, though, the Doctor Sleep is still relatively new and Stephen is going on a European book signing tour, so the focus is probably there right now. If I've learned anything since I've been reading SK, he's always got something in the works. Until he comes out and says he isn't going to do it anymore, you can assume more is on the way.

    If you are looking for something to kill time until the next SK material goes out, check out the works of Joe Hill if you haven't already. Joe is his son, and I've found his works to be very good.
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  3. Hall Monitor

    Hall Monitor All bars serve the Beam.

    Let me correct myself. The works of Joe Hill are more than something to kill time between SK books . . . that doesn't give him proper credit. I meant that more like if you are looking for something else to read, try him. You should check him out if you haven't already.
  4. Christopher Martin

    Christopher Martin New Member

    Thanks for the info. I will look into some of his work. I am currently finishing "The Stand" for the second time.
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  5. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    There will be two fiction books out next year but Hall Monitor has it right, we're not quite there yet in releasing official info on those other than the titles, which Stephen has mentioned when he was on his book tour for Doctor Sleep. The titles are Mr. Mercedes and Revival.
  6. kingricefan

    kingricefan All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.

    I am :drool: with antici (say it!!!) pation!!!
  7. king family fan

    king family fan Prolific member

    Looking forward to the new books.
  8. The Nameless

    The Nameless M-O-O-N - That spells Nameless

    Wow, he has really picked up the pace these last few years hasn't he? I know he slowed down a bit after his accident - I know some books had 2 year intervals, now we are getting 2 a year. A top pro is Sai King
  9. MadamMack

    MadamMack M e m b e r

    Yes! And it's wonderful!
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...King writes fiction???????...why in hell wasn't I informed of this????.....
  11. Spideyman

    Spideyman Uber Member

    Woo Hoot- two in one year. Pure reading enjoyment ahead.
  12. HollyGolightly

    HollyGolightly Well-Known Member

    I love being in the know via Ms Mod - 'tis so very cool!
  13. Hall Monitor

    Hall Monitor All bars serve the Beam.

    Hmm, Revival. That sounds interesting. I know it is useless to speculate, but it is 28 years after the Losers defeated IT for the second time. If the clues in "The Tommyknockers" and "Dreamcatcher" were accurate, the cycle would be starting up right about now. Maybe Ben missed an egg? Plus, It had a definite rock and roll vibe to it, so Revival would be an appropriate title. I'm allowed to hope, right?
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2013
  14. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Steve has been very clear that he has no intention of doing any sequels for IT. His specific words were "I'm done with clowns." He may reintroduce characters in other books as he did in 11/22/63, but there won't be a continuation of the plot for IT.
  15. Hall Monitor

    Hall Monitor All bars serve the Beam.

    Oh well. I hadn't heard that quote. Can't say I blame him, if you get into the trap of making sequels it could become a bottomless pit. Whatever the new works will be, I'm looking forward to them!

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  16. fushingfeef

    fushingfeef Uber-in-waiting

    I'm curious as to this true-to-life occurrence, don't suppose you'd want to share? If you really think it would make a great novel I would say try writing a short story first.
  17. Haunted

    Haunted This is my favorite place

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  18. Haunted

    Haunted This is my favorite place

    "I'm done with clowns.":highly_amused:
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  19. Shoesalesman

    Shoesalesman Well-Known Member

    I'm having a hard time keeping up haha. Oh well, just means more to spread out over the coming years (er... decades).
  20. 91rewoT

    91rewoT Backwards Sister Member


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