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New The Stand movie.

Discussion in 'The Stand' started by Kingfan1970, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Kingfan1970

    Kingfan1970 Member

    What do you guys think of the announcement that Warner Bros are making The Stand into a new single movie?
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  2. CCAL

    CCAL Well-Known Member

    a single movie? oh dear seems like so much will bve deleted, tossed to the trash. I could cry
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  3. skimom2

    skimom2 Just moseyin' through...

    Can't see it working. I'm not a big fan of the TV movie (horrible casting, for the most part), but at least it gave space to flesh out multiple storylines.
  4. CCAL

    CCAL Well-Known Member

    yes-I want to get acquainted with the characters before they get killed or tortured
  5. Chuggs

    Chuggs Well-Known Member

    Wow...one would hope that it would be a really, really long movie. I would think they would make it at least two movies. Weird.
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  6. Riot87

    Riot87 Love him forever

    Nothing will be as good as the book is but i'll still watch it.
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  7. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    I have high hopes that it will be a great movie and not screw up an excellent book!
    blunthead likes this.
  8. AchtungBaby

    AchtungBaby Well-Known Member

    I am intrigued but not optimistic.
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  9. Sundrop

    Sundrop Sunny the Great & Wonderful

    I liked the series. Didn't find anything really wrong with it.

    I kinda wish Hollywood would come up with new ideas for new movies instead of remaking everything under the sun.
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  10. AchtungBaby

    AchtungBaby Well-Known Member

    I'm inclined to agree. The miniseries was pretty good. Sure, it reeked of the 90s but that's what made it fun! The Carrie remake was awful...
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  11. Sundrop

    Sundrop Sunny the Great & Wonderful

    Of course, it reeked of the 90s.....that's when the series was made. I also like the original Carrie for the same reasons....
  12. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Which Carrie remake? The one that just came out? (I think there may have been another remake back in the 90s but I am not sure).
    blunthead likes this.
  13. Gerald

    Gerald Well-Known Member

    The good news is they want to make it R-rated, but they want one three-hour movie - is it even possible to do in three hours? Two three hour movies seems more doable.

    Also, they want an all A-star cast, where each actor is someone you know and recognize. I don't see the point of that: wouldn't you rather have the most SUITABLE actor for a role whether he/she is famous or not?

    It doesn't sound good to me at all.

    Strangely, the attached director, Josh Boone, is linked to Lisey's Story on IMDb rather than The Stand...
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  14. Gerald

    Gerald Well-Known Member

    There was a 2002 tv-movie starring Angela Bettis as Carrie. Even though it updates the story to the present, it feels rather faithful to the book (it has the meteor shower for example, and the investigation by the government after the events at the prom). Apart from an ending that seems to indicate they wanted to make it a series, I rather like it. Bettis is certainly more suitable as Carrie than Moretz.
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  15. mustangclaire

    mustangclaire There's petrol runnin' through my veins.

    I'm excited. :)
    blunthead, morgan and Neesy like this.
  16. Tim D.

    Tim D. Well-Known Member

    I could see doing it as a trilogy, but one movie, even at three hours, just ain't gonna cut it. I liked the mini-series back when it first came out but now it just makes me cringe when I try to watch it. I've heard for years about them re-doing The Stand and had hoped it could be done on HBO or somesuch so that the story could be told in the time it needed and uncensored. Oh well, remakes will never die, so maybe by the time I'm 90 or so they'll finally do it right.
    blunthead, prufrock21, Gerald and 2 others like this.
  17. king family fan

    king family fan Prolific member

    Interesting to see how it works out.
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  18. Gerald

    Gerald Well-Known Member

    I agree. HBO would be great. For Dark Tower too. The only thing is that HBO might want a lot of nudity in it. I haven't read Game of Thrones, but was there a lot of nudity there? Hard to imagine...

    I'm not against nudity, but it shouldn't be forced into something that doesn't have it. That's how I felt when Masters of Horror came out (although that was Showtime, not HBO): there was nudity in nearly every episode, whether it was needed or not. It seemed embarrassing to have all these classic horrordirectors directing an episode and then being asked: 'Oh, and put in some nude scenes, please.' Some of them have nudity in their own films too, but with others it felt it was forced upon their episode.
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  19. SutterKane

    SutterKane Well-Known Member

    With all the things they drag out into sequel territory it surprises me that they want to try and condense something that could realistically benefit from sequels into one film.

    Paranormal Activity, gets 5 sequels while a 1200 page book is getting 3 hours??

    I'm confused........ That said, so long as the film works I'll get over it. Obviously alot will be left out but if it turns out to be a good stand alone movie on it's own merits, I'll be satisfied
  20. Lily Sawyer

    Lily Sawyer B-dazzled

    I'd rather see a brand-new TV mini-series for The Stand than a feature-length film. If PBS and Julian Fellowes were to get ahold of it, we'd have a bang-up production.

    But as it is, it's likely to be directed, re-written, and produced by the latest set of Big Egos in Hollyweird instead of someone with talent, like Darabont or Sam Mendes or Ridley Scott.
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