new titles for Mr. King

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Nov 25, 2009
Wilmington DE, strange little place.
I know S.K. must hate this kind of thing , but he wont see this thread.
below are future titles that Id like to see.

Stories of Juniper Hill, 1952-2012
stories related from inmates and Staff over the last 60 years

FireStarter2. Charlie McGee, Agent of the Tet corp.

Tet Corp, The Yearly years .

The life story of Rhea of the Coos.

Carol Gerber, The missing years.

Irene Tassewmbaum: pregnant, corporate saboteur

pregnant with Rolands child Irene trys to destroy Northcentral positronics and sombra.

Steven Deschain at Dutch Hill, 1835
Rolands Dad visits Calvin Towers ancestors at Dutch Hill NY.

After the Mist,
the Mist 2, the first Thinnies created by sceince

Dinky Earnshaw Joins the Manni.
The stoy of the five breakers who went to Callah Bryn Sterjis.

Mike Harlon and Patrisk Danville and The Sewers of Derry ,2012

The story of the goodmind folk and the calvinists.

The story of Authur Eld and the man Roderick.

The Mad Hatter's channel the ghoust of Pop Merrills.

the story of the 'Mad Hatters' and Kevin the sundog kid.

The Geneologies of the True Knot.

searching the RV's left behind by the True Knot, Danny learns a great deal

Clyde Umney's New Case !
Clyde trys to find his way back, and learns that his "creator" also has a
creator.[wink, Steven King]

Ellie Creed returns to ludlow. 1999-2012.

The life story of Chevin of chayvan

Mike Harlon goes to see Mr.Stephens at the brown stone.

------------------------------- Books spoken of by King.

The book of the Eld.

in possesion of Father Callahan , now kept by his housekeeper lady
who may also be pregnant with Roland's child
1)Demon Dwellings by DeGoudge;2)The Mysteries of the Worm.
Salems lot
Charlie the choo choo., Book of Riddles. Owned by Jack Chanbers

The Book of the Manni, Manni religous text.


Sheemies lost years

Enrico Ballizarre at the Overlook,

The long carrer of Jack Mort

The Exorcism of the Overlook Spot

Abra goes to the Overlook spot in CO. and destoys it for ever.
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Nov 25, 2009
Wilmington DE, strange little place.
extra powerful plot devices::
We all know the 13 balls are a cool plot device that can help to "change" all most anything.
With these balls , A man like Walter/Randell can even bring people (characters) back to life .
The Manni and even regular folks, can also use these balls.

But more devices are: 1) the UR unit, which is really just a multi-dimensional Kindle.

2) The Brownstone , Mr. Stephens from the story "The Breathing Method" has a library full
of stuff from other universes. Just like the UR unit the Brownstone contains and infinite
number of entries,books, news from "other universes" . The house itself may very well
OPEN into some of these other worlds, Making it a convenient way to travel.
2.5)The neighborhood , Couches End may also lead to other worlds.
3) The DARIA unit from "Wind in the Keyhole" is a walkman-like device that can give
information and advice to its owner . ( I think)It is a self aware machine like Blain and Robots
of Calla Bryn Sterjis. It comes for our future, as does the UR kindle.
4) Patrick Danville , This guy can erase reality . He can change reality with his pencil and paper.
He maybe the ultimate Breaker and ultimate "plot device". He can pretty much do anything.
both Patrick and the 13(6) balls of Mearlyns Rainbow can create "doors" to other universes.
5) The Rose. It still sits where it always has.
6) The circle of Stones from the story N. We know nothing for sure about this , its true powers
or past purpose.,
7) The 2 dry cell batteries, these spots in the earth; under The Overlook Hotel and the town
of Jerusalem's Lot may have powers we know nothing about (yet)
any or all of these things could be used... so as to introduce Danny Torrance to the Firestarter girl
and them to ... the Black House.
We could actually MEET Richard Bachman .

alas...King will not do any thing like this ....


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Mar 2, 2014
I must confess I have no idea what that title means.
Oh. At the end of The Stand.....
People were talking about scattering out of Boulder, and Stu and Frannie did so. So I'm just supposing a general migration out into the post-apocalyptic world by the survivors.

And I'm imagining that the wolves, without the Flagg influence, returned to their more natural state where, like the early dogs, some of them start to become more domestic.
And that's part of the story that didn't make sense - a virus that would kill off almost all the dogs but not the wolves. Dogs and wolves are essentially the same species. Every domesticated dog we have has wolf ancestors.