Not Going To Get Revival

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Van Blaricum

Deleted User
Oct 28, 2014
It's so awesome how he intertwines and references all his other books! I feel like I am a part of world he has created!! I actually have to regroup when he does that because I continue to read but there's this strange thing where I'm not really reading because my mind goes to those other stories and I feel like the reference is a nod from sk to the constant reader, because you know the only way anyone would understand what is being said is if you read the book being referenced, and it makes me wonder how many people don't read everything and missed out, I feel all special lol
I understand! Sometimes when I have been reading, I have to stop and smile :)

I enjoy the model where The Author is God, Creator of His Own Universe. I'm there visiting and I can't help but vibe on the Golden Ratio I see everywhere. One of the things I always tell people I like about the author is that they have created their own world and it is for the initiated to know.



Cantre Member
Apr 5, 2008
120 miles S of the Pancake/Waffle line
Man oh man...only a few pages in and I gotta say, this is one those books that sucks you in. I've been looking for another one for quite a while now, and now we have one. :)
I read the first 90 pages last night and I have to agree with you. He really is a master at telling a gripping story.

If I was Actung Baby's age, I probably would have finished it but I can't read past 9:00 anymore ;-D.
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