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Arkay Lynchpin

Preserve wildlife; pickle a squirrel.
Dec 4, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Perhaps try it with some nice Canada Dry ginger ale?


Canada Dry is where this favoured drink started.
In December 1986 I travelled to Kitchener to spend Christmas with my Grandfather (Dad's dad) and soon discovered that my favoured mixer, Solo lemon squash, was not available. Nor were there any comparable lemon sodas available. No Vodka & lemon! Oh no.
Long story short, sitting in a diner with a large plate of suicide wings before me called for some serious mouth and throat numbing ambrosia. My dear cousin Chuck provided this tasty antidote to accompany the hellish chilli sauce.
Cut & squeeze one whole Tahitian lime into a highball. Drop one half into bottom of glass.
Do not add ice.
Pour two or three jiggers of 1800 añejo into the glass (about three fingers worth)
Top up with dry ginger ale.
Rinse & repeat.
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