On the subject of twinners and possible twinners

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Aug 20, 2016
I don't know how many of you have floated around The Dark Tower and SK wiki and this is more then just DT related, so I posted in general discussions.

But some of them are fairly interesting most of all the possible section.

Twinners - The Dark Tower Wiki - Wikia

Twinner - Stephen King Wiki - Wikia

Obviously wikis aren't always reliable but it brings up some interesting thinking. I mean and please correct if wrong but a twinner isn't a tradtional example of a parallel counterpart, right?

Usually in stories with parallel worlds the counterpart, the counterpart is like the same character but different.

Ya know? For example a parallel counterpart of me would be different by one choice in my life.

Twinners are more like very very similar looking or acting people who live in different worlds but entirely different people as opposed to the exact same person but different in some aspect.

I've read the seven DT books (Keyhole minus) and The Talisman so just going off what I remember.

But my question is....

Do you think some of the possible twinners are correct and where is the connection?

Also who else might be twinners within the King cosmos in your headcanon or personal possible view?

From DT wiki

List of Possible Twinners

From SK wiki

Possible Twinners