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One more?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Questions' started by muskrat, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. muskrat

    muskrat Dis-Member

    I'd bet a dollar King has another Bachman book in him, or laying about. What's this Sword in the Darkness business? Sounds like Bachman all over the place. How much of that House On Value Street did he write? Somebody dig through his closet and make him finish something old and weird. I dunno.

    Just think it'd be cool, that's all.

    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...not that it would happen, but I'd like to see him dust one off, flesh it out and send it out there as a tribute and thank you to Rocky Wood...
  3. Moderator

    Moderator Ms. Mod Administrator

    Not sure if it would work as a Bachman book as I have to confess I still haven't read it in its entirety, but there's most of the original manuscript for The Cannibals that Steve thought wasn't that bad after rediscovering it. There are a few unfinished projects around but it might not be a while (if ever) before he gets back to them as he has too many other ideas that he wants to work on first. You never know, though, if the right time comes for a Bachman book, I'm sure we'll get to read it.
  4. muskrat

    muskrat Dis-Member

    Yeah, see, like that--The Cannibals sounds incredible, something I could really, ahem, sink my teeth into. I know it became the basis for Under The Dome (which I loved), but sounds like an entirely different novel--one I'd very much like to see finished.

    Anyhoo, yeah, you never know. So I'll say it again: I betcha one crisp, clean dollar bill Uncle Stevie does at least one more Dicky book.
    GNTLGNT, kingricefan and blunthead like this.
  5. duf70

    duf70 Well-Known Member

    I know it has been a while since this was posted, but since nothing has come up yet, I would like to say that I also hope that King decides to take The Cannibals out of the drawer, polish it a bit and publish it as Bachman.
    That would just be awesome, I remember reading the first chapters back when they were available and they were just great....
    dwshorn, GNTLGNT and kingricefan like this.

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