One movie is not enough

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Nov 8, 2018

I have read the Dark Tower series twice. Once was the first four books in Hungarian and the rest in German. That was long ago.

And then I watched the movie.

After the movie I re-read the Dark Tower series again, this time in German from the beginning to the end.

I must say, that the movie does not even approach the quality of any of the Dark Tower books. I have no idea about making movies, but I suspect, that the narrative style of Mr. King used in the Dark Tower books might be impossible to reproduce in a movie.

Even if the quality of the movie would even approach the text quality of the books, on movie is simply not enough for such a great work. Not every book of the series might fill out one movie, but I do think, that at least 4 or 5 movies could be made of the series. The Dark Tower movie simplifies the story in a manner, that is simply not acceptable -- except, if we state, that the movie shows a different story. Despite the fact, that Idris Elba was a formidable Roland, there was no Sarah, no Eddie and no Billy Blumber :)

I do really hope, that one day I will see a series of movies with the original Dark Tower story.
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