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Discussion in 'General Discussion & Questions' started by thomkat, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. thomkat

    thomkat Member

    Does anyone else think that this "newly-discovered" Japanese Raccoon Dog could be our Oy?
  2. niro

    niro Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't there be a picture in your post? :a11:
  3. thomkat

    thomkat Member

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 29, 2016
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  4. mal

    mal Well-Known Member

    Howdy thomkat. If that thing had a corkscrew tail I think it would be Oy personified. All the best, mal.
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  5. not_nadine

    not_nadine Comfortably Roont

  6. morgan

    morgan Well-Known Member

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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

    ...ok, who the hell's been hiding the Bumbler DNA all this time????.....:glare:
  8. not_nadine

    not_nadine Comfortably Roont

    Sai King. (and Marsha, probably)
  9. Arkay Lynchpin

    Arkay Lynchpin Preserve wildlife, pickle a squirrel.

    There were a few unfortunate 'incidents' before they got the gene splicing just right.



  10. not_nadine

    not_nadine Comfortably Roont

    Wonder if they bark 'ake' in Japanese.
  11. staropeace

    staropeace Richard Bachman's love child

    Somewhat like that lil bumbler. I could fall in love with the doggies even though I am a cat person. I do love Oy.
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    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN


    GNTLGNT The idiot is IN

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  14. Owenk

    Owenk Well-Known Member

    Tanukis have been one of my favourite animals for a couple of years now - really hoping to see one when we go back. My favourite sticker set on Facebook (yes I know a man of 54 should know better) is the Tanuki one[​IMG]
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  15. Smooth

    Smooth Well-Known Member

    I did a Google image search for billy-bumblers and nothing there came close to what I imagined Oy would look like. King makes several references to Oy's unusually long neck but no image I've seen portrays Oy with such a neck.
    When this comes out on film, I am looking forward to seeing how Oy looks!
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  16. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Probably something like a red panda I'm guessing
    [​IMG] Maybe they could digitally elongate the neck
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  17. taylor29

    taylor29 Well-Known Member

    I always pictured a cross between a mink and a raccoon but with a more pleasant disposition.
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  18. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    I don't know a lot about minks but the raccoons that were on our deck recently seemed to be somewhat tame (of course they were scarfing down a large quantity of bread and there was a lot to go around). It was a mother raccoon with four babies.

    Only saw them that one time and then they never came back.
  19. not_nadine

    not_nadine Comfortably Roont

    Raccoons are visious. Gosh, I've seen them attacking. Not me, but a crate of kittens that a neighbor was saving. It was horrible to hear and see. They look cute, but do not go near.
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  20. Neesy

    Neesy #1 fan (Annie Wilkes cousin) 1st cousin Mom's side

    Okay thanks - I will be more careful in future - my Siamese cat was staring at them through the screen door when I was throwing food scraps out onto the deck (this was tonight).

    I was quite surprised to see them come back as they had been gone for quite a while.

    They could easily have charged toward Bailey and attacked if they were quick, but luckily they seemed more interested in the goodies that they were scarfing down!
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