Paris Signing

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Beatle Groupie
Jul 12, 2006
Here, there and everywhere.
Forgot to mention to you, Bev, that during my trek yesterday, I was only asked once if I'd lost my ring. ;)
LOL, Ms. Mod - we're leaving for Paris in a little over a month (New Year's Eve on the Seine!), and I keep reading all of the posts re: rings and aggressive Metro crowds and clipboards, etc., and I've worked myself up into a froth thinking that as soon as we exit the plane we'll be tackled by a mob of gypsies (sorry if that's not PC, but all of the Trip Advisor people use that term). So it's good to know you were only approached once.


Ms. Mod
Jul 10, 2006
One of the flight crew members did have a pickpocket *attempt* to steal his cell phone but must have been someone new to it or inept as he noticed right away and was able to get it back. The pickpocket claimed he'd "dropped it" when he returned it. Will send you a full report on the fashion advisory when I get back. :)


Well-Known Member
Jun 25, 2007
Oh my god ! Thank you so much Brian !:biggrin:. I'm going to print those pictures and put it with my book. I can't believe it, I wish now I had thought to put some refills in the box for him. Thanks for brightening my Monday morning this way :)
I can email you a better copy if you want to print a higher resolution pic.
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Apr 11, 2006
New Zealand
Wow. That would be so cool. I'm not too sure how to private message you to give you my email address as the site has changed a lot since I last was a regular but if you tell me how I will :) Thanks again.
Hover your mouse over your username (top right of page) and go to Conversations, click Start a New Conversation, paste "zerobars" into the Participants box, enter your message, then click Start a Conversation.
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