Pick a theme song

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Arkay Lynchpin

Preserve wildlife; pickle a squirrel.
Dec 4, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
I was in ‘Purple Unit’ at Thomastown High when our home-group leader allowed the group students to decorate the corridor leading to the ‘Main Hall;’ it was the largest in the school and used for viewing films (either for entertainment or the ‘Film Review’ course (which I passed)) so the foot traffic was high and advertising was at a premium.
Glen (Bon—AKA Glennette, due to his main squeeze (later to become ex-wife) Annette), Paul (Angus—AKA Agnus (because he just didn’t compare to my guitar idol with his red crop and speckled face), and I were allotted the pride of place and space—approximately 8’ wide by 10’ high—across from the ‘Throne Room’ (a door bearing said entry sign being a 12x6” wooden plaque made by a well-liked student in—of course—‘Woodwork’ that led to the teachers lounge).
We (painstakingly) traced the cover of Dirty Deeds onto a transparency then used an overhead projector to cast its glory onto our designated piece of plasterboard.
We only had a few issues with getting the parrot right.

I don’t disagree (ef’n double negative) that it’s a good choice of song (also favoured by SK); I chose 'Fragile' because of what I felt and heard when Polly and Allen exited Stage North.

With regard to AccaDacca, I always circle back to ‘Ain’t no fun,’ on that album, but Powerage was always (and still is) the fave.
Their music died at the same moment Bon did; the later stuff is like listening to Van Hagar.

Enjoy one of the best vids of that song.

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap | Eyeneer TV


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Mar 23, 2018
I like You Cant Always Get What You Want and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, I would pick the latter if forced to choose.
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