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Walter Oobleck

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Mar 6, 2013

The Payne's Prairie boardwalk on U.S. 441 south of Gainesville, Florida...although I don't recall any palm trees...they transplant them whole after leveling a 40-acre tract and building houses thereon...anyway, there was this once when a friend and I packed up some gear into Jim's '57 Chevy pickup and headed south to the boardwalk where there is a relatively large platform at the end, the walk extending into Payne's Prairie probably a hundred yards or better. Hallie's Comet was making the rounds and Jim thought that his Celestron telescope would have a better view of it "away" from the bright lights of Gainesville. So that's what we did. We're out there on the platform looking at the comet and as I'm leaning back against the railing waiting for my turn at the eyepiece Jim says someone's coming. I paused, stopped chewing my gum, looked to the sky, then asked how do you know that? Look through the eyepiece he tells me. I look through the eyepiece and the view of the comet was bouncing around. I raise my head from the scope and we turn to look toward the highway...down the length of the boardwalk...barely making out the silhouette of a car, voices drawing near. Is that a car to the right in the photo above? Ah, is not yet time.


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Apr 15, 2012
Oxfordshire, UK

Favourite boardwalk - Point Pelee
A lush Carolinian forest oasis at the southern tip of Canada, Point Pelee National Park resounds with migrating song birds in the spring, hums with cicadas in the summer, flutters with Monarch butterflies in the fall and is a peaceful place of reflection in the winter.

Nice one Neesy, what a great picture, makes me want to walk into that sunset!