Problem with duplicated posts

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Alexandra M

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Mar 12, 2015
Kelowna, B. C., Canada
Here is the info you requested Jordan
Browser: Firefox - just updated 2 days ago
Operating System: Windows 10 -just updated yesterday.
I am using my old laptop -- Gateway NV53 Model # MS2285. My newer computer, a Toshiba, gave me a warning to shutdown immediately as the cooling system stopped working.
Thanks for your expertise, Jordan

Dana Jean

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Apr 11, 2006
The High Seas
Just a heads up: Jordan has asked that we keep this Website Question area clean of playful things so he can see quickly what needs fixed. He doesn't have time to read and see if there are other problems when we are just playing.

Alexandra, mal and the boys were just being playful. As KFF said, no one would ever want to hurt your feelings. I'm sorry this got misinterpreted.
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