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Jan 25, 2014
Can somebody tell me which story arcs are ORIGINAL stories? I am really interested in grabbing the new stuff, not so much in adaptations of the novels.

I was also wondering about the prose that was featured in the back of the comics. Was there prose in every arc, or was it just the first one?

Also, is the prose included in the hardcover collections of each story arc?


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Apr 11, 2006
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As I haven't read all of the comics, I couldn't tell you from memory sorry. Ms. Mod will be in after the weekend to help you, but in the meantime I can leave you the list of comics we have in the Library section of the site, you may be able to find the information through there. (Also somebody who has read them may chime in...)


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Jun 15, 2007
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...once you get past the first couple of arcs....there is much more original content included, and even then-there a couple of nice bits in the first two arcs...and if by "prose" you mean the contributions from Robin Furth?....I can't speak to the hardcovers, but each comic has something by her primarily, and other writers/editors etc.-secondarily....

Bev Vincent

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Apr 11, 2006
Every issue has an essay by Robin Furth, and some have other material, including maps, discussions of artwork, etc. These are NOT included in the hardcover omnibus.

The first batch of 7 issues is a condensed retelling of Roland's youth in Mejis. The next batch tells about their journey back to Gilead. While this is covered in the novel, this is a greatly expanded version of the story. From that point forward, most of the material is new, using details from the novels as launching points. Little Sisters of Eluria is a more-or-less straight retelling of that novella, with a few changes. The Gunslinger series adapts the novel, but there are some changes -- expansions, revisions and alterations.

I cover the graphic novels in detail in The Dark Tower Companion, including synopses of the arcs and the additional material at the back of each issue. I also interviewed most of the artists, Furth and Peter David.
Jan 25, 2014
Damn it's too bad they don't include that stuff in the hardcovers. Guess I'll grab the floppies.

And I'll have to grab the Companion too. :)
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