Randall Flagg name checked?

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Nov 25, 2015
Check this link out: These Stephen King Connections Will Blow Your Mind

Scroll down to the picture of Danny Glick floating outside Mark's window from the mini-series.

If this was the only site talking about Flagg's mention in 'Salem's Lot, I'd just ignore it. But they got everything else right, plus I've seen this mentioned elsewhere.

I just recently read 'Salem's Lot for the second time. My edition was older, so maybe the newer ones say something the older one doesn't, but nowhere in this book was there a mention of Flagg. I definitely would have noticed that.

Anyone know what this article is talking about?


Nov 8, 2010
Under your bed
Cats don't know what they're talking about. Ain't no Flagg in Hooper's Lot. Hutch, maybe...and Fred Willard (!), but no walking dude.

And the rest of the list, most of it, is like...duh? Yer just now figuring this stuff out?

(Did make me wanna watch DEAD ZONE, CUJO, DARK HALF, and NEEDFUL THINGS again, though, in that order, all at once like.)
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