Rather Blatant Inconsistency in The Talisman????

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Mar 4, 2016
So I read the book a few years ago and absolutely loved it! One of my favorite King novels I've read so far.
However, after recently reading Black House, I was reminded of something in The Talisman that really bothered me (at the time that I noticed this issue, I didn't know anybody else who had read the book, so I couldn't bounce this off of them).

In regards to "flipping" and being "single natured":

Jack is single natured, and we all know that this means that he doesn't have a Twinner, and therefore his flipping is not reliant in any way on the location of his Twinner: when he flips, he goes to the corresponding location in the world in which he is flipping into, not into his Twinner's body.
Morgan, on the other hand, is not single natured, so when one version of Morgan flips, he flips into the body of the other (such as when Sloat flips and is suddenly seeing the Territories through Morgan of Orris' eyes and has a calmer heartbeat and feels generally healthier, or the one time Morgan of Orris flipped into Sloat and was disgusted by underwear. lol!).
So why is it then, that the first time Jack witnessed Morgan flipping into the Territories right after Jack first met Wolf (and again during Jack and Richard's battle with Morgan's soldiers on the other side of The Blasted Lands) that Morgan was more or less tearing his way into the Territories out of this air? Wouldn't he have to flip into Morgan of Orris, not appear wherever he himself happened to be at the time? Jack can do so because he is single natured, but Morgan can't because he is not. That's the entire point of having an existing Twinner. This is a foundational rule of the entire novel, and it's completely contradicted on more than one occasion if I'm understanding it correctly. Even if Morgan of Orris somehow happened to be in the exact corresponding location as Sloat at the time of the flip, Sloat would still just flip into him, not burst his way through out of this air. In fact, if I remember correctly, when Morgan comes through after Jack meets Wolf in the Territories, Jack actually witnesses Sloat transform into Morgan of Orris as he emerges through the tear in the worlds.
Am I taking crazy pills, or is this a HUGE contradiction?!
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