Really struggling with this one

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Mar 9, 2018
I did it, finally finished Dreamcatcher last night. One attempt. It was a slog at the beginning I must say but around the chase it started to pick up. I don't quite get the dreamcatcher references and how they relate to Duddits but I'm still ok with the story as a whole. Also confused by the last parts about Mr. Gray and who, what, where, and why he was. again, ok. Moving on to Buick 8 (reading in order).


Dec 11, 2018
When I got around to reading Dreamcatcher, it was just another random Stephen King book I wanted to consume. I'm kind of a fan. However, I realized after reading it (in a slow, painstaking way) that it was his first since the accident that almost took his life. He was transposing a lot of his pain into the manuscript, and although it had some colorful moments (I still love the word ****-weasel), it was definitely too long-winded to maintain its integrity the whole way through. Good form for a writer returning to his craft after almost losing his life, though.
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