Rebuilding Christine

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All-being, keeper of Space, Time & Dimension.
Jul 11, 2006
Spokane, WA
Gas prices on that car would put me in the poor house. I used to drive a 76 Seville and the mileage it got sucked and that was when gas was a buck fifty.

Someone should do a hybrid version. ;)
Makes me wonder about Ford dropping their three bestselling smaller cars (Fiesta, Focus and Fusion) to concentrate on their bigger SUV's. I think they're going to be sorry about this decision down the road (see what I did there? :p) when gas prices go up again and we all know that the prices will increase. Other car makers will follow this trend. I remember the gas 'crises' of the late 70's when people were practically giving away two and three year old Cadillac's and Lincoln Town cars because they couldn't afford to buy gas for them. I'm going to hang onto my two small cars.....


Deleted User
Feb 18, 2013
I love how in the movie, before their was CGI, Carpenter wanted to show the car reforming itself after being smashed or broken so they had some pulley things a crushed it from within but filmed it in reverse. That special effect in the movie still looks fantastic today. I'll read the article later, looks good though. I recently saw an 1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic driving/stopped at traffic lights.
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