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Reread This Recently...

Discussion in 'Dreamcatcher' started by EddieDeanofNYC, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. JoannHBuchanan

    JoannHBuchanan Well-Known Member

    I loved this book, only Stephen King can turn a fart into an alien invasion...lol. Seriously though it gave me the creeps and tripped me out all at the same time. I loved how he created the warehouse in it, that was complete classic King style.
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  2. Winter

    Winter Well-Known Member

    I feel like I didnt get it...at the end....the whole concept of Duddits and the dream catcher...anyway in the mood to explain this for me?
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  3. VultureLvr45

    VultureLvr45 Well-Known Member

    Winter - Please stop in at ' Where fore art thou' People have been missing you Sweet Pea. I still have Dreamcatcher to read.
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  4. Winter

    Winter Well-Known Member

    I replied to those the day before yesterday...but thanks for the heads up. :)
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  5. mrblonde

    mrblonde Well-Known Member

    Dreamcatcer is top 10 for me. I consumed this one on Audible, and loved the narrator (DeMunn i think) I loved the Derry parts, and I loved the humor. I'll forever be 14 when it comes to fart jokes.
    I loved the boy's "secret language." because my friends and I had our own.
    I guess I "got" the Duddits parts, and loved that he was the center of the boy's connection. I think I may listen to this one again soon now that I am thinking about it :)
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  6. lowman

    lowman Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed this book very much,ot had excitement,humor, i just thought it was good glad i read it.
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  7. Bardo

    Bardo Well-Known Member

    Re-reading now and Still lov it!!
    Sometimes,for me, I just like "hangin" with the characters again,
    Another attraction,again for me, are the flash back to kids.
    I really connect with those stories,(Stand by me,It and so on)

    I have noticed that the switching between era's is not as clean as his usual stuff.
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  8. BrokenolMarine

    BrokenolMarine Well-Known Member

    I'm rereading this now... it's probably my fifth or sixth time. I also have the unabridged audio book. That is a fav for LONG car trips. I guess it's a fav because I had such an odd childhood, moving often, changing schools, and always having to find new friends. Their were a couple groups that I had that remind me of the kids in "It," and the group in "The Body."

    I spent half a school year in a very small town in FL. The boy next door was 17 to my 10 in actual age but was developmentally challenged. Back then, no one had heard of PC, so they just called the kid a Tard.

    He was my neighbor, and I liked him. He had a small boat and knew every inch of the lake. After taking my stepdad and I fishing a couple times, he had impressed him enough that I had permission to hang out with him.

    "Everything in life doesn't come from books," my stepfather told my mother, "that boy knows the lake, knows fishing, and knows safe operation of his boat."

    He was my Duddits. His folks were great people and were shocked at first that my folks let me hang with their son. We were best of friends... until I had to move months later.

    Sigh... my stepfather supervised crews building those huge power towers across the state. When the power lines moved too far along, we moved ahead of the path. Usually took six or eight months for the power lines to catch up and then pass us again. When it was too far to drive again, pack up and move... he did that job for almost two years. For a kid... it really sucked.
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  9. mal

    mal Well-Known Member

    It was a nice read. A very nice read.
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